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Chris DeLong

Chris DeLong
City Director

Fort Wayne History

Wendy and I met at college in Dallas, Texas. Wendy was there as an international student from Singapore and I was there as an American student, originally from Indiana and just come from Florida. After graduation we got married, lived in Indiana for 3 years and then moved to Asia. Then it was my (Chris) turn to become the international student while I studied Mandarin at two different Chinese universities. All together we spent 17 years in Asia before moving back to the U.S. in 2017 so our kids could prepare for university.

Wendy and I still wanted to be involved with internationals even though we would be living in the U.S. As we looked for opportunities, we realized we had both been international students at different times in our lives. This helped us to realize we could use those experiences to welcome international students to the U.S. and help them navigate their own new season of life as students here.

As a result, we launched IFI Fort Wayne in 2018 and the Lord is working among the students we are building relationships with. If you are interested in exploring how you can be part of our team to reach the lost and make disciples we would love to hear from you.